The myths about LCHF – is it dangerous?!

Posted on 09.19.2013

The myths about LCHF – is it dangerous?!

I’ve been asked hundreds of times if the LCHF diet doesn’t raise the possibility of a heart-attack or other deceases due to the high cholesterol and fat intake.  The simple answer is no.  However, I cannot state that just eating LCHF is without all risk, but I wouldn’t state that eating just greens would either.  I know a handful of people that seem to be able to eat anything, drink, smoke and barely move, and they look quite healthy.  But I wouldn’t recommend the lifestyle to anyone.  Their appearance isn’t any proof.  Much less is one of the “shocking” researches that showed a slight increase in heart-diseases among women between 35 and 44 years old in Sweden.  They don’t spend many words on the fact that in Sweden, there has been a constant decrease in strokes and heart-attacks since the study was started in 1995.  Let alone the fact that Sweden is now the slimmest nation in N-Europe and is among the only nation there that hasn’t gained average weight.  And still, 25% of swedes have tried the diet or are living the lifestyle. 

It is crucial that one takes care of his/her body by living a healthy lifestyle.  That includes daily activities, which don’t need to be in the gym or wearing a spandex outfit.  Occasional walks around the neighborhood and taking the stairs rather than the elevator can do the trick.  Eating healthier is then the big issue.  And while we consider mayo and bacon to be the enemy, it’s easy to understand people that think LCHF is dangerous for the health.  But when they understand better how the body actually functions, they find out that fat can not only be of the good kind but is also crucial for the body to function when you don’t feed it with sugar.  And when they find out that sugar is not as sweet as it sounds, they understand better why it’s necessary to bypass it.  And this is why LCHF is eating healthy.

I can’t state how hard it was for me the first time I went shopping for LCHF.  I just knew what the girl (with the perfect figure) next in line to me was thinking when she looked in the cart I had.  ”Poor guy, no self control, probably trying to shorten the wait for resting 6 feet under”.  I couln’t help to notice her cart either… can’t say I envy her menu for the next days.   But days passed and kilos disappeared.  So fast that some feared that I had gotten sick!  I was asked if I was taking drugs.  Yes, but of the good kind.  I told them about the diet and the LowCarbNordic package.  I didn’t have to suffer much from the LowCarb flue, most of that was taken care of with the herbals from the package and I was feeling great.  Actually better than ever.  And it has been like that ever since.

So, if those “who shall not believe” keep on asking you if you are afraid of heart-attacks or strokes while on the diet… simply refer to the following article.  I couldn’t say it better.

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