The LowCarbNordic Package

alltogetherThe LowCarbNordic Package is your monthly need for the six key products in the LowCarbNordic diet.  These products are aimed to not only help you to reach your goal in weight loss, but also to maintain full health while at it.

Main features (to name a few):

  • Keep energy levels
  • Increase antioxidants levels
  • Maintain iron levels
  • Maintain a healthy gut
  • Meal replacement
  • Ephedra-free herbal fat burner
  • Food supplement
  • 11 active herbals for excess stored water / fluid retention
  • Organ cleanse and detox

What is included in the package:

The LowCarbEnergy is a highly concentrated and powerful combination of beetroot active (0.3% betanin), beetroot extract (10:1) and beetroot powder.

A balanced combination of Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils (with fish oil)

A high-strength, multi-strain probiotics bowel bacteria combination with 4 billion organisms per capsule

The LowCarbProtein is a unique protein shake formula which contains only 6.6% carbohydrates and delivers over 76% of pure protein

The LowCarbSlim is a herbal fat burner / fat metaboliser and thermogenic agent

LowCarb WaterGo is a gentle supplement, which contains a special combination of 11 active herbals for excess stored water / fluid retention